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An award-winning teacher with a passion for innovation in education. I’ve created and taught successful online, hybrid, and face-to- face courses in a variety of academic and workplace settings. I have significant faculty development and instructional design experience.

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Awards & Designations

Higher Education Teaching

I’ve taught, co-taught, or assisted with twenty-three sections in four University of Utah departments, ten of which were online or hybrid. I’ve taught at graduate, upper-division, and lower-division levels, both elective and required courses.

Instructor of Record, Departments of Communication and Writing/Rhetoric Studies, University of Utah

  • COMM 6090: Teaching College Communication (Face-to-face, 1 section, syllabus here)

  • COMM 3640: Writing for New Media (Online, 1 section, syllabus here)

  • COMM 1020: Public Speaking (Face-to-face, 1 section, syllabus here)

  • WRTG 2010: Intermediate Writing (Face-to-face, 1 section; Hybrid, 2 sections; syllabus here)

  • WRTG 4001: Business Plan and Proposal Writing (Online, 2 sections, syllabus here)

Co-Instructor, Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering, University of Utah

  • ECE 3940: Technical Communication I (Face-to-face, 2 sections)

  • ECE 3950: Technical Communication II (Face-to-face, 2 sections)

  • ECE 4900: Senior Capstone Project I (Face-to-face, 2 sections)

  • ECE 4910: Senior Capstone Project II (Face-to-face, 2 sections)

Teaching Assistant, Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence, University of Utah

  • CTLE 6510: Cyber Pedagogy (Online, 5 sections)

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Communication, Utah Valley University

  • COMM 1130: Writing for Mass Media (Face-to-face, 1 section, syllabus here)


  • Invited lecturer for University of Utah computer science, professional writing, and communication methods courses.

  • Instructor for six computer networking courses at Stevens-Henager College.

  • Tutored in the Writing Center at Brigham Young University.

Workplace, K12, & Community Teaching

•   Co-taught five-day workshop to K12 teachers titled “Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction.”
•   Created and taught four-workshop series on project management and communication.
•   Taught four-day workshop on hiring fundamentals.
•   Created and taught fourteen-workshop series on business writing.
•   Taught fundraising, business planning, marketing, and sales workshops to business owners.
•   Taught job-search and career planning workshops to single mothers.
•   Taught continuing education classes on business writing.

Teaching Philosophy

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Student Feedback

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Specialized Training

I’ve had extensive training in how to teach college students and other adult learners, including teachers.

  • Two three-credit university courses in online teaching: CTLE 6510: Cyber Pedagogy (2013) and WRTG 6050: Online Writing Pedagogy (2014).
  • Two three-credit university courses in discipline-specific higher education teaching: COMM 6090: Teaching College Communication (2011) and WRTG 6500: Studies in Writing & Pedagogy (2014).
  • Faculty Development for Online Teaching, Workshop by Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois (2015).
  • Symposium on Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education, University of Utah (2015).
  • Annual Teaching Symposium, Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence, University of Utah (2014, 2015).
  • Educational Game Developer Conference, Reacting to the Past Consortium, Simpson College (2014).
  • Online Writing Pedagogy two-day workshop, Writing and Rhetoric Studies Department, University of Utah (2013).



I have created online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses and programs in academic, business, and community settings. With fifteen years of experience in the software development industry, I am comfortable using technology to solve pedagogical challenges. I have used the Canvas learning management system and other systems to create instructor-led, self-paced, and competency-based curricula.

  • Built eight Canvas courses from idea to completion, and created supporting materials in Canvas for another twelve courses.
  • Reviewed and evaluated more than 50 online/hybrid course modules built by other teachers.
  • Received $5,000 curriculum development award from the University of Utah to create online proposal writing course. Created a differentiated learning curriculum that scored high on student satisfaction and learning measures.
  • Proposed, created, and taught first-ever hybrid Writing 2010 general education course at the University of Utah. Course was used as a model to develop other first-year composition classes in various “alternative” formats.
  • Received Community Engaged Learning (CEL) general education designation for an upper-division writing course I created.
  • Helped revise course-development assignment sequence for graduate-level Cyber Pedagogy teacher training course.
  • Developed two upper-division technical courses for successful submission to an accreditation body.
  • Created a full-year high school career and technical education (CTE) curriculum.
  • Created self-paced internal training programs for three companies.
  • Wrote manuals for teambuilding, project management, and sales workshops for a leadership seminar company.
  • Wrote instructor/attendee materials for a three-day health and wellness workshop.

Jim Shimabukuro

“Change has already arrived, but we don’t know it, yet.”

Seth Godin

“If you think the fallout in the newspaper business was dramatic, wait until you see what happens to education.”

Clement Wood

“Familiarity with all the conventions enables you to break them and make new ones when fresh subject matter demands.”